Introducing dude ex machina

Welcome to dude ex machina, a blog for the musings of a philosophically inclined guy who is under the delusion that other people might be interested in what he thinks. I teach philosophy part time, so I already have a captive audience, but I’m always thinking about things after class, and things I should’ve said in class. That’s where this blog comes in. I’ll share what’s on my mind about philosophy, report what’s going on in philosophy, offer some reflections on teaching, confess my frustrations with academia (the blog is anonymous for a reason), and flag anything else that interests me in the news or in popular culture. Full disclosure: I’m an avid sci-fi geek and like to draw on it to make philosophical ideas a bit easier to understand. My main areas of interest at the moment are philosophy of religion and philosophy of mind, so if you don’t like those subjects, you’ve been warned.


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