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Multiple Choice Responses to the Free Will Defense

From exapologist:

“Some criticize the Free Will Response to the problem of evil, claiming that:

a. If God’s free, then it’s possible to free and never do evil; and if God’s not free, then free will must not be one of the greatest goods
b. If there’s freedom in heaven, then it’s possible to be free and never do evil; if there’s no freedom in heaven, then free will isn’t one of the greatest goods
c. The good of free will doesn’t outweigh the bad of all the evil in the world
d. Even if free will justifies moral evil, it doesn’t justify natural evil
e. All of the above”
Well said.


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New Naturalism Website

Luke Muehlhauser, of Common Sense Atheism fame, now has a new website, Worldview Naturalism. It’s worth a look.

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