Is the Consensus on the Logical Problem of Evil Changing?

I’ve been following exapologist’s posts on some new developments regarding the logical problem of evil (LPOE). I especially recommend this post, ‘Plantinga’s Abject Failure?‘ Those who follow philosophy of religion know that, for the last several years, the consensus has been that Plantinga’s Free Will Defense (FWD) defeated the LPOE. Theists and atheists alike have, for the most part, agreed on this and discussion has shifted to the evidential problem. Theists frequently appeal to this consensus whenever the problem of evil comes up in debate. However, a series of new papers — all written by theists as far as I can tell — has begun to question this reigning consensus. You can find the details through the above link. In summary, these papers involve questioning Plantinga’s notion of Trans-world Depravity (TWD), which asserts that in every logically possible world, free creatures go wrong. Critics are now arguing that TWD is necessarily false. If this is true, then the FWD is not the knock-down argument many theists think it is. It would also breathe new life into the LPOE. Perhaps it’s time for us to rethink the consensus on the issue.


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